Journey 1 – Survival

Practical Thai for everyday life

The essential tools you need to survive in this country and go about your business independently.

This coursebook covers the following topics:

  1. Understanding the sound system and the numbers of the Thai language
  2. Introducing yourself, greeting and saying goodbye
  3. Getting a taxi and giving simple directions
  4. Buying street food
  5. Asking for directions inside a building
  6. Using public transportation and talking about locations
  7. Ordering food and solving difficult situations at a restaurant
  8. Buying clothes and describing colours, shapes and sizes
  9. Telling time and making appointments
  10. Getting a haircut and expressing degrees
  11. Buying things and using services at convenience stores
  12. Buying medicines and describing symptoms
  13. Solving communication breakdowns
  14. Talking about personal life
  15. Starting and holding a casual chit-chat in Thai

Total number of unique words – 764

Core vocabulary (essential words) – 584

Journey 2 – Conversational

The basics of communicative Thai

Develop your understanding of the Thai language and learn to say exactly what you want to say.

This coursebook covers the following topics:

  1. Expressing frequency, quantity, and number-related concepts
  2. Describing things using adjectives and expressing degrees
  3. Expressing similarities, differences, and comparing things
  4. Understanding the concept of Thai time expression
  5. Talking about people’s appearance and personality
  6. Describing directions of movements and changes of things
  7. Expressing perceptions, emotions, and feelings
  8. Talking about your skills and abilities, and the limit of them
  9. Giving instruction, expressing order or events, and describing purpose of things
  10. Making requests and commands
  11. Offering suggestions and expressing opinions
  12. Describing actions and consequences, causes and effects
  13. Making guesses and talking about probability
  14. Expressing likes and dislikes
  15. Talking about future plans, expectations and hopes

Total number of unique words – 602

Core vocabulary (essential words) – 497

Journey 3 – Fluency

Real Thai in cultural context

Learn about different aspects of Thai culture to help you speak Thai in a natural way with confidence.

This coursebook covers the following topics:

  1. Extended family and kinship terms
  2. Social status and its impact on Thai pronouns
  3. Understanding “face” and “greeng jai”
  4. Regions of Thailand and Thai dialects
  5. Thai food and table etiquette
  6. Buddhism in Thailand
  7. Ghosts, spirits, and superstitions
  8. Thai ceremonies and rituals
  9. Thai festivals and national holidays
  10. Thai entertainment, arts, and pop culture
  11. Formal Thai in formal situations
  12. Understanding “sabaai-sabaai” attitude
  13. Thai slangs, idioms, and proverbs
  14. Thai pride, and an introduction to Thai history
  15. Cross-cultural topics and discussions

Total number of unique words – 607

Core vocabulary (essential words) – 402

Explore 1 – Reading & Writing

Thai script made easy

Acquire the basics of the Thai writing system in an effective way and unlock the code of Thai script in a month.

This coursebook covers the following topics:

  1. Thai consonant and vowel characters
  2. The concept of live-dead syllable
  3. Tone marks
  4. How the silent “H” promotes class
  5. Consonant classes
  6. The basics of tone rules
  7. Vowels that have two forms