Why English with Duke?

International Classmates

At Duke, you’re guaranteed to have lessons with students from different nationalities and cultures. Students at Duke come from some of the following countries: Thailand, Korea, Japan, France, the USA, the UK, Germany, Brazil, Russia, and China.

Festivities and Events

Enjoy festivities and events from all across the world! Duke is more than just a language school. At Duke, you will have the opportunity to share cultural traditions with your classmates. Our get-togethers provide a fun opportunity for students to share traditional cuisine and artifacts.

Make Friends

It’s easy to make new friends and meet new people at Duke. People come from all over the world with different life stories. This is a wonderful opportunity to build friendships, learn about cultures, and practice your English in an authentic way.

Social Etiquette

Learn keywords and do’s and don’ts that will help you snag that career opportunity! Duke teaches you valuable words you can use and how to use them. We’ll also teach you etiquette and how to build your brand online so that you can be assured of your future outlook.

Build Connections

You can rest easy knowing you’re learning with Duke. Not only will you learn how to use your English skills, we’ll teach you how to do it with confidence. We’ll work with you to help you build the confidence to respond to any situation.

Friendly Staff

Our staff members are available to answer any questions you may have. We know that everyone has a different reason for wanting to learn English. Our staff are here to support you in that process.

Professional Teachers

Our teachers are all professional and understand the art of teaching. When you learn with Duke, we will make sure you get placed in the correct classroom based on your interests and language ability.

Good Communication

As soon as you enter our school, you’ll be able to speak directly to one of our staff members. If you have questions, but you’re not able to come see us in person, our team is responsive. You can email or phone us. You can also reach out to us on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Line, WeChat, and KakaoTalk.

Visa Support

When you study with Duke, you’re eligible for the English ED Visa. The English ED Visa process is almost identical to the Thai ED Visa process. The one difference is that you will need to provide your high school certificate. To learn more about the ED Visa process, please click here.

Private Lessons

Duke understands that everyone has different preferences. Some people prefer to study in groups, while others prefer private lessons. If you would like to study 1-on-1 with one of our highly-qualified teachers, we can arrange that for you. Contact our friendly staff to see what is available.

Online Lessons

While many students are happy to be learning face-to-face, others enjoy the convenience of being able to learn from anywhere. That is why Duke is proud to offer our online program to those who would prefer to learn from outside of school. Contact our staff if you are interested in learning online with us. Please note that students who study online with us are not eligible to receive an ED Visa.

Course Options

Everyone has different reasons for wanting to learn English. That’s why DLS offers a variety of courses to our students. We offer General English,  IELTS, Business English and 1-on-1 English. We even offer corporate courses for companies interested in boosting English ability in the office.

Convenient Location

DLS is in the Trendy building in the heart of Sukhumvit, between BTS Asok and BTS Nana. From either BTS station, you can reach our school within a short 10-minute walk. While at our school, you’ll have access to a variety of cafes, shops, restaurants, and street vendors.

Consistent Schedule

Duke believes that consistent practice makes perfect. This means that we plan all lessons out with a schedule. Our schedule helps ensure that you’re getting the highest quality learning possible. Each course begins last 4 weeks and begins near the end of start of a month.

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