ED Visa Refund Policy

Do we provide a refund?

The answer is “yes” and “no”.

To understand our refund policy, it is important to understand the application process.

Stage 1: Approval Letter

Getting the approval letter from the Ministry of Education is the first part of the process. All applicants are required to complete our application form and send us a copy of their passport with 12 passport photos. These documents will be submitted to the Ministry of Education upon receiving full payment for the mandatory hours of Thai lessons required for the education visa.

This is the stage Duke Language School is responsible for.  Should your application be rejected by the Ministry of Education, we will provide a full refund short of 2,000 baht.

Point to note – While our service is free and we do not charge a registration, admin, or processing fee which other schools do, there will be a 2,000 baht admin fee to cover our expenses should there be a refund.

Stage 2: Visa Application (No Refund)

Once you’ve received your approval letter, it means that Duke Language School has succeeded in granting you permission from the Ministry of Education to study Thai in Thailand. Our part is done and it is now your responsibility to submit the approval letter and apply for the education visa at a Thai embassy outside Thailand.

At this stage, no refund is provided should your application be rejected by the embassy.

Here are some reasons:

Choice of embassy – Though we will advise you on this, it is your responsibility to do your research and decide which Thai embassy to go to. Some are very strict while others are easygoing. The choice is yours to make, not ours.

Bad record – Your application could be rejected due to a past criminal record, or if you’ve been blacklisted by the embassy for previous offenses. Whatever the reason, we are not responsible for your misconduct.

Politics – If there is a conflict between Thailand and your home country, your chance of getting the education visa could be slim or near impossible. In this case, it is your responsibility to check with the Thai embassy you plan to visit whether they’re able to grant you the education visa before making a commitment with our school.


Duke Language School is in the business of teaching Thai and selling Thai language courses.

We do not sell ED visas.

If you buy enough courses, we will help you with the ED visa application with no additional service fee or extra charge.

You are only paying us to study Thai at our school. The cost of the ED visa is paid to the embassy of your choice. These are two separate matters.

Duke Language School is only responsible for assisting applicants with the application process by providing the mandatory hours of Thai lessons required to qualify for the ED visa.

We are not a visa agency or Thai consulate and do not have the authority to approve or extend your visa.

For more information about the ED visa, please contact the Thai embassy you plan to visit.

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