Changing the way Thai is taught to non-native speakers

In a bid to help improve the way Thai is being taught to non-native speakers, we recently teamed up with Stuart Jay Raj from Jcademy and Mike Campbell from Glossika.

This was the brainchild of Stuart whose vision (now shared among the 3 of us) is to combine forces to “bring three different systems and approaches to learning Thai and creating something larger than the sum of all of us.”

Stuart’s Cracking Thai Fundamentals programme was originally designed in 2000 to help journalists in Thailand hit the ground running both linguistically and culturally when arriving in Thailand. Through using NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), memory techniques and mind skills, it helped hundreds of people over the past 10 years demystify the language and culture.

Glossika’s spaced repetition training and mass sentence method offers a new way of learning Thai at a sentence level that help make it easier to learn pronunciation, syntax, vocabulary, and grammar holistically.

Here at Duke Language School, we’ve been working hard on developing a new and original set of textbooks that is going to be a game changer in the way Thai is being taught to foreigners. We’re not going to reveal much about it yet, but a sneak preview was given at Stuart’s “Thai Bites Live – The Road To Fuency” seminar at Aloft Hotel.

Take a look at this video clip to watch the full seminar:

Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time to complete our presentation, so several interesting slides about the use of natural Thai was skipped.

So stay tuned, as we will be covering more on that on our next blog post!

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