Dare to get your back rubbed by a criminal?

You don’t need to watch episodes of Locked Up Abroad to be fearful of entering a foreign prison. Thailand’s Chiang Mai Women’s Correctional Institution has taken a capitalist approach to prisoner rehabilitation, opening its doors to the general public and inviting people to (willingly) come into a section of the prison for massages from the inmates.

Convict Massage1
In this case, "happy ending" means nobody got murdered.

Concrete block walls and harsh lighting – the massage parlour looks like prison. Almost feels like prison.

The women at the correctional institution are trained in giving quality massages, and purportedly do a very good job at it.

People actually do come to this women’s prison to relax (or alleviate the tension built up from entering a cell full of convicts).

The prison is equipped with a large room with mats and chairs for your choice of Thai or foot massage.

Inmates run the spa as part of a massage school prison rehabilitation program, and the cost of a massage is set aside for the inmates for use after their release.




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